Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy, the privacy of your data and the privacy of all users and visitors to this website. We will collect and use information through our knowledgebase website only in the ways disclosed in this statement.

Resale or Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

Abtrac does not sell, rent, loan, trade, nor lease any personal information collected from the ‘Email Tips + Tricks’ sign up form provided on this Abtrac Knowledge Base website.

Information Collection and Usage Via Our Website

Abtrac does collect information about how people are using our Abtrac Knowledge Base website in order to improve the value of our website and the materials available on the web site.

Privacy of Our E-mail Lists

We strive to send e-mails to only those who want to receive it. We do not send unsolicited emails to people who make an enquiry from this website.

Abtrac Clients may join our tips and tricks mailing lists and are added to our e-mail database using the sign up form from Abtrac, or the ‘Email Tips + Tricks’ sign up form provided on the Abtrac Knowledge Base website. These email lists do not include prospective clients and we do not sell, rent, loan, trade, nor lease the e-mail addresses on our lists to anyone.

Abtrac users who do not want to receive future e-mails from us, can use the “unsubscribe” link located at the bottom of our e-mail communications. You will promptly be removed from our e-mail list.