Spell Checking with AbtracOnLine

We recommend you run AbtracOnLine with Google Chrome where possible. When doing so, you can take advantage of the Chrome language settings, and the customisable dictionaries within the Google Chrome browser.

When using Google Chrome, any text boxes with spelling errors will display the text with a red underline.

Errors can be edited by right clicking on the underlined text and choosing a suggested replacement/correction.

You can also add words to your custom dictionary in the same Chrome pop up.

Right clicking on any text field will bring up the Spellcheck option – whether you have spelling errors underlined or not.

Before starting with Chrome Spellchecking, it is a good idea to confirm your language and spelling dictionary. Most AbtracOnLine users will want to set up spell checking with an English (United Kingdom) dictionary.

From the Google Chrome menu, choose >> Settings >> Advanced >> click on Languages. Basic spell check is enabled by default. You can also customize spell check here.

Click on the ‘Language’ arrowhead to  select a language/languages to use for spell checking, and order them based on your preference.

Abtrac KB# 2070

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