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Search and Track Projects with Google Maps

The Google Maps integration allows you to link and track your jobs spatially.

It lets you pinpoint the longitude & latitude of a project, you can save these locations to your Abtrac datafile and then search for other pinned jobs within a radius of the selected project.

The Google Maps interface is an add-on module to your subscription, subject to a monthly fee. Basic Google Maps is free for all Abtrac users. More details on how to use both these features and subscribe to interactive maps are included below.

How to access Maps

From the Job details screen > Select Job Address in the Notes section.

Here you can enter in project location details.

If you already import job details from AusSearch or LINZ this job address data may be prefilled.

There are two options for Job Address details, View in Google Maps and Interactive Google Maps.

View in Google Maps

The first button – View in Google Maps, simply opens the address in Google maps. This is useful when using Abtrac in the field, or for sending to your phone and getting directions (You’ll need to be logged into your Google account to send details to your registered numbers).

Saving a location to your Abtrac Google Maps

Interactive Google Maps is an ‘add-on’ module to Abtrac, which allows you to tag and search for Projects using Google Maps. Job Locations are saved anonymously to the Abtrac job numbers in your system.

Clicking the Interactive Google Maps button opens the Map Viewer for your project.

Interactive Google Maps

If you had a job address prefilled in the previous page Google Maps will take you to this location.

You can amend the address by dragging and dropping the Google Placemark icon.

Alternately you can use the Google Search bar to find your project details, choose ‘Locate’ to put a placemark icon on the map specifically from your inputs.

Drop New Location Marker drops a new placemark onto the map.

Your project location is pinned against your job when you select ‘Update data from Map’

Search for other local projects

When the Interactive Map Viewer is open you can view locations of other project placemarks within a given radius of the current job location.

Details of these local projects can be viewed in the Jobs list.

Enabling Google Maps

Abtrac + Google Maps is offered at the discretion of Google. We reserve the right to amend monthly fees for this add-on feature if the cost per click changes.

Follow the steps here to switch on this feature.

Abtrac KB# 2126

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