Job Notifications

In Abtrac you can send notifications within the software to select members of the team.

For example, when a new job is created, a notification regarding that can be sent to various staff using the ‘Notification’ button in ‘Job Details’ page.

The template text messages can be saved under ‘Default Notifications’ in the maintenance page.

Maintenance: Default Notifications

From Administration > Maintenance > Default notifications you can create default text messages to send from the projects screen.

Notification action settings

Read – means the notification must be clicked and read before the notification is removed.

Clear – means it’s possible to remove the notification marker and message without clicking through.

Sending Job notifications and messages to the team

From Abtrac projects notifications can be sent to any licensed users who have a login.

Choose who will receive the notification from all available users on the left.

You can select a default notification message from the drop down list, or type your own from within the message field.

Notifications are sent as an Abtrac notification by default, tick the box to send an email as well as an internal message.

Send Abtrac notifications

Abtrac notifications appear on the users login icon. They are also displayed in the Abtrac Message Board on the Home screen dashboard.

Send Email notifications

Email notifications are sent from Abtrac ([email protected]) to the selected users login email address. The email subject line includes the relevant job number.

Reading Notifications

From any screen a user can click on their login profile icon to view notifications.

Clicking on Job Notifications from here or the Abtrac Message Board will take the user straight to the associated job. Closing the notification pop-up without clicking will leave the notification as unread.

Abtrac KB #2030

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