Invoice Subtotals

In Abtrac, you can change the way the invoice looks, for ease of viewing or to suit your preferences.

If you want to turn this invoice….

Into this….

Go to Invoices >> Load Invoices

Click on the invoice number you wish to preview.

Expand ‘Invoice Lines, Narratives and Amounts’

Under ‘Invoice Line Details’, add the multiple lines on the invoice.

To split off the disbursement lines, we need to create two groups, each with a subtotal.

Click on the ‘Manage Subtotals’ button.

Select the lines you want to split into a second group and click on the ‘New Subtotal Sort Order’ button.

Two of the lines have been put into a second group. You can show or hide each group by clicking in the ‘Show/Hide’ button.

How each invoice line group behaves is determined by a combination of values in the Manage Subtotals popup.

Click on the edit button for each group and change the values in each column to achieve the invoice preview you like.

And also under Administration >> Settings >> Invoice Line Control Settings you need to ‘Show Totals in Footer’.

The Invoice preview will then show up as below.

Abtrac KB# 2121

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