Invoice Numbers

Why can’t I change the invoice ID?

Abtrac invoices have two numbers in the system.

  • Invoice ID is the unique identifier in the database and cannot be edited.
  • Invoice Number is the field used in reports and search screens and can be amended to whatever suits your business needs. You can enter whatever ‘number’ you want here, including prefixes/suffixes and alphanumerics.

How to change an invoice number

You can change the invoice numbering sequence at a system level or make one-off changes to particular invoices. An invoice number can only be edited if the invoice is uncommitted.

Once you have created an invoice, you can always change the invoice number from the ‘Invoice Management’ screen. Go to Invoices >> Load Invoices >> click on the relevant ‘Invoice No’ to go into the ‘Invoice Management’ screen.

Finding the next invoice number or resetting numbers

If you are trying to edit an invoice number and run in to problems, it is most likely that the invoice number has been used before.

You can search for specific invoice numbers from the Load Invoice screen, or find the next (highest) available invoice number from the Find Max option in System Management.

Go to Administration >> Settings >> Invoice Settings to load the ‘Invoice and Other Office Settings’ page.

Some companies like to use a different series of invoice numbers for write off invoices and templates, this can also be edited using the next invoice number option.

Abtrac KB# 2035

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