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Auto Generate Invoice – Fee total with narration

In AbtracOnLine you can create invoices automatically from your job/project task and timesheet data.

The Auto Generate by ‘Invoice by Fee total with Narration’ option creates an invoice with a pre-filled narration paragraph and then inserts the total time fee onto a single line. You can choose to itemise disbursements, or exclude them from the automatically generated invoice.

‘Invoice by Fee total with Narration’ invoices look like the examples below.

To create an ‘Invoice by Fee total with Narration’, you will first need a job with job comments entered. Job Comments can contain up to 3,000 characters.

Go to Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> Search Clients and Jobs >> click on the relevant Job Code to go into ‘Job Details’ page. Go to ‘Notes’ section and enter the ‘Comments’.

You will also need some default invoice narrations to use as the fee and disbursement headings.

From Administration >> Settings >> Invoice Settings, go to ‘Invoice Line Settings’ in the ‘Invoice Settings’ section.

Click on the pencil icon near ‘Default Invoice Narration’ to Edit or Add Narratives. Enter the default narratives you wish to use as your fee and disbursement headings when auto generating ‘Invoice by Fee total with Narration’.

At invoicing time, go to Invoices >> Generate Invoices >> choose your client and job and click on the ‘Generate Invoice’ button to go to the below page.

From the ‘Invoice Lines, Narratives and Amounts’ section >> click on ‘Generate Lines Automatically’ button.

From the pop up that appears below, choose the ‘Invoice by Fee total with Narration’ option. Clicking on the ‘Generate Invoice Automatically’ button (instead of the ‘Generate Invoice’ button) from the ‘Select Client and Generate Invoice’ page will take you to this pop up straightaway.

The ‘Fee Heading’ and ‘Disbursement Heading’ fields can be chosen from the drop downs, and can be added to (and edited from) default invoice narrations.

Choose ‘Base Narration Based On’ as ‘Job Comment’ or ‘Timesheet Line Comments’.

You can also choose to itemise disbursements, or exclude them from the automatically generated invoice. (You can choose to manually create and assign disbursement lines after the invoice is generated).

Once you have selected your options, click on the ‘Generate Invoice Lines’ button to auto generate the invoice.

In the below screenshot, ‘Omit Disbursements’ is selected.

The invoice generated will look like one of these two options, depending on your choice for including or excluding disbursement fees.

The unbilled time and cost is automatically assigned and line amounts for fee values are automatically created based on this time.

Once the invoice is automatically generated, you can amend the time or cost assigned from the ‘View Assigned Time/Unassign’ option by clicking on the view button for that invoice line.

You can also use the pencil edit button for the invoice line to amend any of the automatically generated line values or descriptions. Styling and spacing can also be adjusted in the normal manner after the invoice is created.

Abtrac KB# 2086

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