How to make a Client Non-current

In Abtrac, you can set up a client to be made non-current if they no longer have any current jobs. This can be done through System Settings, from Job Details page or from the client page.

Setting up a client to be non-current from System Settings

From Administrations >> Settings >> System Settings >> ‘Clients and Jobs’ tab >> under ‘Defaults when Creating a New Job’ section, tick the box for ‘Make client non-current if client no longer has any current Jobs‘ and save.

Making a client non-current from Job Details page

You can also make a client non-current from the Job Details page when making the last job of a client non-current.

From Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> Search Clients and Jobs >> click on the relevant ‘Job Code’ to go into ‘Job Details’ Page >> untick the ‘Current’ tick box in the ‘Job Details’ tab

The ‘Manage Job Options’ box appears on unticking the current box if the client has unbilled work against the job.

From here, you can make the client non-current, close off work items, select work item state and close WIP.

Tick the relevant boxes, select a work item state, and click on the ‘Update’ button in the box.

Now click on the ‘Save Job Details’ button to save the changes.

Once you tick the ‘Close WIP (Create write off invoice)’ tick box and update, a write off invoice is created for all remaining time.
Any employee with full access to the Job Details page can make these important changes unless the ‘Current’ field on the page is restricted/locked by controlling access in User Group Management.

See more on permissions for Clients and Jobs from User Group Management here.

Making a client noncurrent from Clients page

From Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> Search Clients and Jobs >> click on the Contact name to go into Client details page.

Untick the Current tick box and Save Contact Details.

The client will be made non current if no current jobs exist for this client, otherwise a warning message appears that there are current jobs for this client.

How to view non-current clients in search screens and reports

From Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> select Search Clients and Jobs select Non-current from the dropdown to view the non-current contacts.

You can similarly include non-current clients in the Search People tab.

You can also view non-current clients from reports that have the current tick box disabled.

From Reports >> Performance reports >> select the appropriate report >> choose the report filters >> untick the current tick box and click on Report Options to view the data for non-current clients .

Abtrac KB# 2168

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