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How to exclude Abtrac from LastPass Autofill

Password Managers are fantastic things when they do their job., They help you so you don’t have to remember hundreds of passwords. However when they try to be smarter than you have asked them to be it becomes very frustrating!

In Abtrac we have found more and more people are using LastPass (we use this also) but it has started to become a nuisance for people when it tries to fill information in the Grid search bars and also on some forms. Here is how to turn that feature off for Abtrac (and other sites if you wish).

  • Step 1. Log in to Last Pass: www.lastpass.com
  • Step 2. Go to your account settings
  • Step 3. Go to Never URLs and Add *.abtraconline.com/* to the 3 settings

That should be it. You may need to re-start your browser for this setting to work but that should stop LastPass from Auto filling your browser.

Still having a problem?

You may need to remove the LastPass extension from your browser.

Google Chrome

  • Right-click on the active LastPass icon  in your Chrome toolbar.
  • Click Remove from Chrome.
  • Click Remove to confirm.


  • Go to Firefox > Tools > Add-ons > Extensions > Remove.


  • Go to Safari > Preferences > Extensions > LastPass > Uninstall.
  • Click Uninstall to confirm.

Abtrac KB# 2151

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