How to Build a Favourites Report List

In Abtrac, you can build a list of reports as your ‘Favourites’ by selecting only the reports that you need for your business from the full list of reports.

By default, both the ‘All’ and ‘Favourites’ selections will show the same full list of reports. Once the ‘Favourites’ list is built, only the selected reports will be shown on choosing ‘Favourites’.

Favourite lists are user specific, not a system wide setting.

Selecting reports to add to Favourites

From Reports >> Performance Reports >> click on the ‘Favourites’ button on the right to go into the ‘Favourite Reports’ box.

Select your favourite report/s by clicking on a report or by using the multi select options indicated. Click on the ‘Add Selected’ button to add the selected reports to the Favourites list.

Building up and/or removing reports from Favourites

The selected Favourite Reports will appear in the box on the right on clicking the ‘Add Selected’ button.

If you use a majority of the reports in the list for your business, the easy way to build ‘Favourites’ would be to add all reports by clicking on the ‘Add All’ button, next selecting the reports to be removed from the ‘Selected Favourite Reports’ list and then clicking on the ‘Remove Selected’ button.

At any point, you can also choose to remove all favourite reports by clicking on the ‘Remove All’ button and then build up a new ‘Favourites’ list.

Your ‘Favourites’ list will look like this in the reports screen.

The ‘Remember Settings’ tick box can be ticked to apply the same dates and other filter settings on the right, the next time you access the reports screen.

Abtrac Top Reports

There are over 100 prebuilt reports in Abtrac, some of the most frequently used everyday reports are listed here:

Abtrac KB# 2004

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