How Abtrac Works

Abtrac’s focus is on clients and contacts, time and cost recording, invoice generation and performance reports.

It’s real time project management, and it’s all about identifying and managing how you earn your revenue, before it hits your back office accounting system.

Now that you are ready to get started an overview of how Abtrac is organised might be useful – so you get off on the right foot.

It works a bit like this:



You’ll need to start by setting up some system defaults, including your company details, employee charge rates etc.

Once that’s done you can enter your first Clients, Projects, Tasks or Stages.

Then you can start entering Timesheets.

Invoices can be created using data from your timesheet and project information. (It can also be linked to your accounting system)

At any time you can report on historical or real time data. Revealing business trends, analysing productivity, reviewing write ons / offs and much more to maximise your business profits.