AbtracOnLine: Frequently Asked Questions

This page is best read in conjunction with the Getting Started page for AbtracOnLine, if you are moving to AbtracOnLine from the desktop version then it’s worthwhile taking a look through this upgrading to the cloud page too.

Why am I getting logged out of Abtrac?

AbtracOnLine includes a timeout setting after a certain period of inactivity. For most pages in Abtrac the timeout limit is 60 minutes. For the timesheet entry pages the limit is 10 hours.

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How do I set the default number of rows I see in a table, making the page size the same for all pages?

The way the grids and columns in each screen are displayed can be customised for all users by an administrator.

Each Abtrac user can also choose how many rows they see  – for all the grids accessed under their login.

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Can I still have a shortcut icon on my desktop, taskbar, and start menu for AbtracOnLine?

If you are used to using desktop icons to access your software you can continue to do so when using Abtrac on a Microsoft Operating System. There are a few tricks to setting up a shortcut and continuing to view Abtrac pop ups and notifications. 

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How do I set up default tasks?

In AbtracOnLine Tasks are managed slightly differently than Abtrac5.

There are no default tasks in AbtracOnLine, instead you can clone tasks from other projects.

We recommend if you’ve used default tasks in the desktop that you setup tasks within template projects.

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Is there a spell checker in AbtracOnLine?

Yes, all text boxes can have spelling errors corrected using the inbuilt spellcheck features of your browser.

We recommend using Abtrac and Google Chrome together for the best language and spelling checkers.

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Why can’t I download multiple pdf invoices?

In most cases AbtracOnLine is ready to go with Google Chrome and doesn’t require any additional configuration, however if you are having trouble downloading multiple pdfs from AbtracOnLine – such as invoices – you may need to enable pop ups specifically for AbtracOnLine.

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Why do my invoice emails sent from Abtrac have a funny sender address?

Since AbtracOnLine was release back in 2013 the global email environment has changed. Mail Servers and email ISPs now have more rigid practices to try and shield their users from spam, and we need to adapt Abtrac to ensure your mail isn’t incorrectly bounced or blocked.

Emailed invoices from AbtracOnLine are sent via the “azure_ea3*******************e9@azure.com” address which belongs to your Abtrac database.

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