Cloning Jobs/Projects

If you find that you work on the same types of jobs/projects and some of the information is the replicated from one job to another, then you can use the Clone Job/Project feature in AbtracOnline. This will simply duplicate the job and selected details and save the job to the existing jobs client.

You can setup template jobs/projects for the different types of work you do and then clone these jobs when you have a real job of the same type.

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How to create an Abtrac desktop Shortcut or Bookmark

Here we will show you how to create an Abtrac shortcut on both your Windows and Apple Devices in multiple browsers. Click the links below to go to your preferred browser.

We will cover Google Chrome, FireFox and Safari. While you can use Abtrac on other web browsers these are the preferred options which have the best performance and reliability.
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How to Disable and Clear your browser’s Autofill features

Modern browsers are getting smarter (or scarier) and can remember the information you have put into forms on websites and this is not just AbtracOnline but any form you fill out.

Sometimes this information will be automatically put into AbtracOnline if the browser thinks that it’s saving you time by adding the information for you.

Here are the instructions on how to turn that off if you find it more of a hindrance than helpful. (n.b. these instructions are accurate as at September 2020 and may change as the browsers change. Feel free to call us for assistance if they don’t make sense.)

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The benefits to our clients who move to AbtracOnline

Use it anywhere

AbtracOnline can be used anywhere you have an internet connection.

If you have people working on-site, in different offices, or working from home they can all access Abtrac without needing to connect to your local network via VPN.

Greater connectivity to Accounting packages, 12d and others

With API connections available from MYOB, Xero, 12d Synergy and others you can easily sync your information from Abtrac with these other packages.

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To Print/PDF multiple invoices enable pop-ups

In most cases AbtracOnLine is ready to go with Google Chrome and doesn’t require any additional configuration, however on occasion a browser may block AbtracOnLine downloads.

If you are having trouble downloading multiple pdfs from AbtracOnLine – such as invoices – you may need to enable as an exception to your browser security settings.

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How emails are sent with AbtracOnLine

AbtracOnLine allows users to generate invoices and email them directly to their clients.

AbtracOnLine also lets you choose the method by which your emails are sent.

It is important to us that your invoice management and delivery with AbtracOnLine remains reliable, even as the global email environment changes. Mail Servers and email ISPs now have more rigid practices to try and shield their users from spam, and we have adapted Abtrac to ensure your mail isn’t incorrectly bounced or blocked.

Read on for details about :

  • How invoices are emailed from Abtrac
  • How to track whether your email has been successfully received, and
  • What our plans are, for emailing invoices in the future

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Using AbtracOnLine: Data Entry and Navigation Tips

There’s a difference between how to do things, and how things work.

If you are new to AbtracOnLine, be it coming to Abtrac from our desktop version or another system, we have a few pointers to ensure you get off to the best possible start.

This article contains a lot of our tips and tricks about the Abtrac interface. When you are getting started, it’s worth a read to learn all the little tweaks and tricks to ensure you have Abtrac looking, feeling and working in a way that suits you.

Read on to learn how to use AbtracOnLine, and how to…

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Password Security Tips

We understand that there is a trade off between choosing a complex secure password – and choosing a password that you can remember.

Regardless of the platform, a secure and sensible password is a must. A professional hacker doesn’t really mind whether you are accessing cloud, server, or desktop data. The software professional hackers use to crack your password is capable of making one hundred billion password guesses per second.

If your password contains 6 or less letters they could have access in 0.02 seconds.

However, if your password consists of 10 letters and numbers it would take 10.45 hours for a professional to crack – now that’s much better.

There are some simple things you can do to create and easily remember a complex, secure password.

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Microsoft previews Windows 10 – and it will be free for many current users

In January Microsoft unveiled the Windows 10 Consumer Preview. The developer preview of Windows 10 has been available since September and we are already trialling it in the support office with the current Abtrac Version 5.

Microsoft reported that 1.7 million people had downloaded the Windows 10 developer preview, giving Microsoft more than 800,000 pieces of feedback. And they’ve certainly listened to the feedback from Windows 8 too. The start menu is back and one theme from the promo last month was “The Windows you know, only better”. For those of you who struggled to log off Windows 8 this version is more ‘old school’ and certainly seems more intuitive for existing Windows users. (Yes Ed, we’re talking about you!)

The big news is they’ve also announced that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for existing Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices that upgrade in the first year of it’s release.*

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Abtrac Version 5 and Version 6

From 2014 we will be running two versions of Abtrac.

Abtrac Version 5 is most likely what you now have, the data base is installed on your office server. Abtrac Version 6 is new, it’s the cloud version.

Please note. You have a choice between cloud and what you now have. Only choose cloud when you understand it and want to change to it. Keep using Abtrac as you know it until then.

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The end of an era – Windows XP

Support for Windows XP officially ended on the 8th of April. (We talked about what this means last year in this article.)

However, Microsoft estimates there are more than 1,000,000 PCs across Australia and New Zealand still running Windows XP. These devices are will become increasingly vulnerable to cybercriminals. Their sick aim in life is to take advantage of businesses running software on machines that have little or no up-to-date security in place.

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Abtrac Desktop Installation

  • The Abtrac data file is usually stored on the office server, or on a computer acting as a server.
  • Each desktop throughout the office has a full version of Abtrac installed and links to this data file.
  • Please confirm your computer meets the minimum requirements before installing Abtrac.
  • You will also need Administrative rights on this machine to install Abtrac.

We recommend installing Abtrac on one machine only, until the installation is complete before installing throughout the office.

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Important information for Windows XP and Windows 8 users

Windows XP - Microsoft support ends soon If you are currently using a Windows XP machine please take note that Microsoft’s end of extended support is set for April 8th, 2014. Please Note this also applies to Office2003.
Read the details from Microsoft here. End of support refers to the date when Microsoft no longer provides automatic fixes, updates, or online technical assistance. If your computer is set to automatic Windows updates then you should already have the latest (and last) version installed with Service Pack 3. If not then this is the time to make sure you have the latest available service pack installed. If you are not sure about the status of your operating system then check with your IT consultant.


Windows 8 - update to the latest Abtrac installer If you are installing Abtrac on a Windows 8 machine you will need the very latest Abtrac Install Kit -‘Abtrac Installation Manager’.
Please Note that this also applies to Office2013.We noticed in our trials that Windows 8 has higher permissions and rights restrictions than older Microsoft operating systems. The ‘Abtrac Installation Manager’ replaces “Abtrac Install Step1″ and “Abtrac Install Step2″ files, and works more elegantly with the Windows 8 permissions requirements.

Windows 8 and Abtrac

Windows 8 is being released October 26th 2012. If your office is planning on being an early adopter of Microsoft’s new operating system then rest assured Abtrac is compatible with Windows8.

Like Windows 7 we have noticed in our trials that Windows 8 has higher permissions and rights restrictions than older Microsoft operating systems. If you are installing Abtrac on a Windows 8 machine you will need the very latest Abtrac Install Kit. The ‘Abtrac Installation Manager’ replaces “Abtrac Install Step1” and “Abtrac Install Step2” files, and works more elegantly with Windows 8.

Abtrac KB# 2020