Managing Invoice Line Groups

In Abtrac, you can easily manage the positioning and grouping of various invoice lines.

Go to Administration >> Settings >> Invoice Line Control Settings to edit your Invoice Line Control Settings. Here you can edit the invoice line types, enable grand total for progress claim invoice, enter a grant total footer narration, edit different control labels, etc.

Go to Invoices >> Load Invoices >> click on the relevant ‘Invoice No’ to go to the ‘Invoice Management’ page. Click on the ‘Report Options’ button and then click on ‘Print Preview’ in the menu that appears, to preview the invoice. The invoice might start like the below.

Now, go to ‘Invoice Management’ page as before >> then click on ‘Invoice Lines, Narratives and Amounts’ section >> now click on the ‘Manage Subtotal Groups’ button under ‘Invoice Line Details’.

Let us group the invoice lines into three groups. One, for the first two lines above, one for the grouping of the disbursements to add the subtotal, and then one for the discount line.

Expand the group by clicking on the button indicated. Now select the disbursement lines and click on the + button to group them.

The disbursement lines will have been moved into a new group which is showing as ‘Subtotal Sort Order’ 1.

Choose Text/Value, and also set other fields as indicated.

Having a quick look at the preview shows the subtotal and indenting for the disbursement group. We still need to move the discount line into its own group below the disbursements.

Go back to ‘Manage Subtotals’. Click on the discount line, then click on the + button again to make a third group.

Now there is a third group added, with ‘Subtotal Sort Order’ 2.

The preview now looks as it needs to look.

Abtrac KB# 2123

Invoice Payments with Abtrac PayBy

What is Abtrac PayBy?

Trying to get paid for the work you have delivered can be a headache. So that’s why we’ve teamed up with MYOB PayBy to offer a service that makes getting paid not only pain free, but faster. Giving your clients convenient and easy options to pay is great for business and great for your cash flow.

This is a smart payment solution for your clients and the bonus is that you don’t need to go through the effort of setting up your own company credit card facilities.

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Assigning time from multiple jobs to one invoice

It is possible to assign multiple jobs/projects to an invoice where a client has multiple jobs/projects belonging to them.

You use this feature to write off time or to create a single invoice with multiple jobs.

  • Create a new invoice or load an invoice for a client that has multiple jobs/projects. Go to Invoices >> Load Invoices
  • One job will be selected to start with. This will be the ‘master job’ for the invoice.
  • You can select a subsequent job to assign to the invoice, using the combo box (shown below).
  • With that new job selected, create a new invoice line and assign any time to the new invoice line.
    • The line could be totally blank i.e. no narration and no amount assigned
    • Or the line can have amounts and narrations as per a standard invoice

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Splitting Invoices

Sometimes a job/project needs to be split and invoiced to multiple parties with the invoices containing the same invoice line details.

Within Abtrac, you will create the first invoice with the total amount and then split that invoice and amount between multiple parties.

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Simple reports to get started with invoicing

Getting started with your invoicing normally starts with a few reports to see who you are invoicing and for how much. This can then be checked with job (project) managers to confirm they are ready to invoice the clients and if they are happy with the amounts.

There are two basic reports that can get you going. Unbilled Work Quick Summary and Timesheet Entries.

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Invoice Status

With AbtracOnline, you can assign a different status to an invoice, so your team knows where you are up to with its creation. Examples of these statuses can be Draft, Returned for Edits, Approved, Committed.

This is helpful when there is a team of people creating an invoice, but one final person signing off on the contents of the invoice.

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