The new Roadmap for Abtrac 2023 onwards

The roadmap for Abtrac 23/24 is here. We would like to say a big thank you to all our clients who have helped us formulate our product planning, especially those who offer up their time and input. We’re always happy to receive suggestions on improvements and for new features you want to see in Abtrac.

This isn’t a definitive list, more an update on some of the key features we’re working on. We thought it was a good time to share what’s been happening behind the scenes.

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Holiday Support Hours

From the entire Abtrac team we’d like to say thank you for your support this year, we look forward to working with you again in 2023.

Whilst our support team takes a short break you can still access all our help files and videos here on the knowledgebase.

Our latest newsletter has answers to the most common queries we get at this time of the year:

Looking to reset your job numbers for 2023?

Changing Employee charge rates?

Updating cost rates on projects?

Getting an error message when you login from a shortcut?

Abtrac V5 Desktop and Browser V3 End of Life Notice

If you currently use AbtracOnline, this article can be ignored. This is for the few users still using the old desktop system that haven’t upgraded since the new version came out in 2014.

Due to Microsoft software updates increasingly affecting Abtrac V5, we are unable to guarantee the old desktop version of Abtrac will continue to function. To save any frustration for yourself and your staff members, from March 31st 2023, we will no longer be supporting the Version 5 instance of Abtrac and the accompanying Abtrac V3 browser.

Between now and then, you can upgrade for free to our cloud instance of Abtrac Online, which has been available since 2014. For more details, contact us at  or call Pamela to discuss options and book a time for an upgrade.  Read more about the process of an upgrade here, or take a look at AbtracOnline and our pricing structure here.

As you will see on our website, Abtrac is Xero accredited. Through our API, we are able to do things with Xero that their affiliated products cannot. We are also MYOB certified developers and link to MYOB Essentials, MYOB Business and MYOB AccountRight. Abtrac is a Microsoft Developer Partner being the only product of our type on the Microsoft Marketplace down under.

As a valued customer, we hope you do move to AbtracOnline. Abtrac is a mature product, fully cloud-based, with thousands of people logging into it every day across New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England, Canada and elsewhere.

Chrome Update affecting Abtrac

Abtrac Status Update: Wednesday May 4th, 9:15am NZST/ 7:15pm AEST.


Abtrac is once again operational across all browsers. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The issue was confirmed as a global event where current SSL logs stored within Google servers were retired as part of the latest Chrome update. Our SSL issuer was one of those affected, and issued a patch yesterday early afternoon around the same time that Google reactivated all retired logs.

GoDaddy has apologised for the disruption and are working on a longer term plan for robust validation logs. The technical response from Google for those interested is below:

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Abtrac Roadmap from September 2021 onwards

The roadmap for Abtrac is here. We would like to say a big thank you to all our clients who have helped us formulate this plan with your good ideas and suggestions on improvements and new features you want to see in Abtrac.

Without dragging this out, here are our plans for the future development of the software.

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The benefits to our clients who move to AbtracOnline

Use it anywhere

AbtracOnline can be used anywhere you have an internet connection.

If you have people working on-site, in different offices, or working from home they can all access Abtrac without needing to connect to your local network via VPN.

Greater connectivity to Accounting packages, 12d and others

With API connections available from MYOB, Xero, 12d Synergy and others you can easily sync your information from Abtrac with these other packages.

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Abtrac Version 5 and Version 6

From 2014 we will be running two versions of Abtrac.

Abtrac Version 5 is most likely what you now have, the data base is installed on your office server. Abtrac Version 6 is new, it’s the cloud version.

Please note. You have a choice between cloud and what you now have. Only choose cloud when you understand it and want to change to it. Keep using Abtrac as you know it until then.

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Abtrac Version 6 is here

To all our valued clients

We are pleased to formally announce that we now have a Cloud based version of Abtrac – Version 6. It is on line and looking good.

To run Abtrac V6 you don’t need a Windows server, nor even a PC. Abtrac V6 will run on anything, from anywhere, as long as it has a web browser and an internet connection.

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