How to Archive data (make items non-current)

How does making items non-current help you

Simple, fewer pieces of information to load means you will have a faster system.

Screens such as the searches, timesheet entries, invoices, and some reports all load with the current data that is available in the system, so it’s pretty straightforward to think that making items non-current will give you a quicker response for all these pages.

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Transfer Projects

In Abtrac you can transfer a project from one client to another using the project transfer function.

This feature is most commonly used where:

  • a project has been assigned to an incorrect or duplicate client
  • or where a project managed via a referral/intermediary client can now be managed directly.

It is not possible to merge two projects/jobs belonging to the same client.

This article is for AbtracOnLine, follow this link for the Abtrac 5 version

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Invoice Addresses

Abtrac addresses can be as simple or as flexible as required. Here’s how to ensure you have the right address details in the right location for your billing requirements.

Addresses can be stored at the Client, Project and Invoice level. There’s a bit of a hierarchy as to which address is shown on your invoice, it works out like this:

Abtrac Billing Address Relationships and Process

Abtrac Billing Address Relationships and Process

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Search, Browse and Find Contacts

In the desktop version of Abtrac, Abtrac 5 there are three options for finding Client and Project details.

Find Contact is a quick and simple pop-up, useful when you know what you are looking for.

The Search screen allows you to preview a wide selection of Clients, Contacts and Projects data. It also links to the Projects Snapshot Summary which is a handy quick view of the latest timesheets, invoices, notes and work planning for a project.

Browse Projects is focused more at the project than the client level and includes current WIP details and Project Listing reports.

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Search Clients, Contacts & Projects

In AbtracOnLine you can search and quickly access a range of project related data from Clients, Contacts & Projects > Search.

The Search screen allows you to preview a wide selection of Clients, Contacts and Projects data.

It’s also a handy place to browse information before drilling down to specific client details.

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