AbtracOnLine Status

Since it’s release in 2014 AbtracOnLine has experienced 99.99% uptime. However from time to time we do experience issues regarding performance and system status.

We do our best to update the AbtracOnLine  community of any known performance issues and our proposed resolutions and their timeframes on this page. We post the same information through the notifications menu within AbtracOnLine itself.

We don’t report on this status page regarding minor fixes and feature enhancements but you are welcome to contact us here if you come across any items that need our attention. Our development team can then confirm if the issue is yet un-logged, or update you with the work item number for your fix/feature and our estimated publish date. 

Ransomeware Cyber attack

No incidents reported:
Updated: 15/05/2017 08:55 NZDT
AbtracOnLine and our servers within the Microsoft Azure framework have been unaffected by the global ransomware cyber-attack over the weekend.

We do recommend all Abtrac users ensure that all their devices are updated with the latest virus and spyware definitions, and that the operating systems on your devices are also updated.

Issue With: Chrome Update Version 57.0.2987

Progress Update: 24/04/2017 06:55 NZDT

Abtrac Version V6.04.17.4758 was published on April 21st and has resolved issues users were experiencing when running Abtrac with Google Chrome v57.

Progress Update:
Progress Update: 21/04/2017 09:24 NZDT

Our testing has gone really well this week, and we will be publishing an updated version of AbtracOnLine overnight, rolling out to all users ready for use Monday 24th April.

This updated version will resolve the problem with asp.net callbacks within the grid pages when using Google Chrome, and other data entry anomalies experienced by Chrome users on version 57.0.2987+.

FireFox, Internet Explorer, and Edge still remain stable alternatives for running AbtracOnLine.

Yesterday Google Chrome also announced an updated version (Chrome 58.0.3029.81) which will roll out to all desktops in the coming weeks. It is purported to contain a fix for the .asp call back problems introduced four weeks ago. The wider development community are currently continuing testing of this new version, including our component providers at DevExpress.

Although Google have announced a solution we’ll continue with our release of an updated version as planned.

We have appreciated your patience and understanding dealing with this unexpected issue over the past month, and look forward to the release of AbtracOnLine 6.04 and Chrome 58.0 and things returning to normal.

Progress Update:
Progress Update: 13/04/2017 09:58 NZDT

We’re making good progress re-writing some 2,500 lines of code in total across many of the pages of Abtrac. Some of these changes have affected other areas in Abtrac that weren’t themselves affected by the Chrome issue per se, so we are not able to deliver a partial/interim release this weekend – but we are still encouraged by the progress we’re making and the performance of the pages and grids updated in the development version so far.

We’re hoping to have a complete solution ready for testing and release before the end of next week, or certainly early the following week.

Progress Update:
Progress Update: 10/04/2017 09:08 NZDT

We and the wider development community are now confident of the solutions that have been proposed to solve the asp.net call back issues in Chrome Version 57.0.2987.133. There are also advocates from the global development community lobbying to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again.

In terms of AbtracOnLine – throughout this week we’ll apply and then test the fix to all components within the development and sandbox versions of Abtrac.

Given the complex nature of the issue we intend to work through these changes slowly and carefully and have pulled in extra resources to do so.

We’ll let you know how we are getting on later in the week, and when we expect to publish the fixes to the live version.

In the meantime we thank you for your understanding, and ask you to continue using either FireFox, Internet Explorer, or Edge if Windows 10.

Progress Update:
Last Updated: 06/04/2017 09:02 NZDT

We finally have some promising solutions that we are further testing but in the meantime, the recommended solution is still to use either FireFox or Internet Explorer.

We will update you, and push an update to AbtracOnLine as soon as we are satisfied with our testing.

Progress Update:
Last Updated: 05/04/2017 18:48 NZDT

Just to let you know that we’re still working on this – we’ll update you as soon as we have more information.

The issue has been logged with both Chrome and DevExpress. We are still working through the proposed solutions from DevExpress (the component provider that the grid data problems originate in).

Progress Update:
Last Updated: 03/042017 06:49 NZDT

Our Development Team are doing everything they can to get Abtrac running as expected on Chrome again. We are constricted by the information and solutions received by our component provider, and we and the wider community are just not ready to release the proposed hot-fixes yet. Thanks for your patience.

Progress Update:
Last Updated: 31/03/2017 13:27 NZDT

Fixing this issue is our top priority right now, as we can appreciate the impact this is having for our users running Abtrac via Google Chrome.

There is an interim solution available by temporarily changing the browser you use to access AbtracOnline to either Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Progress Update:
Last Updated: 29/03/2017 20:42 NZDT

Whilst all other features in Abtrac are unaffected we are still waiting on a solution from DevExpress. The hotfixes supplied over the past few days by the component provider have not been robust enough to warrant a live publish to AbtracOnLine.

We’re sorry about the frustration this may be causing you and thank you for your support while we work on fixing this.

Progress Update:
Updated: 28/03/2017 09:12 NZDT

The Abtrac development team are investigating the issue along with DevExpress – the component provider of the user interface controls with Abtrac that were affected by the latest Chrome update.

It appears the update is affecting asp.net callbacks within the grid pages causing them to work unexpectedly in certain conditions. We are working through the fix suggestions provided by DevExpress along with developers from the many other affected asp.net application providers. We will update you again once the extended development community is happy that the proposed solutions pass testing, and we will then push through an update to AbtracOnLine.

The Chrome R&D team may also fix the issue in the future but in the meantime the quickest resolution will be to apply the solution within the application.

Updated: 27/03/2017 08:47 NZDT

It’s come to our attention that the latest Google Chrome update released Friday 25th March 2017 is causing issues with some data entry screens in AbtracOnLine, including timesheets.

If you have already updated to Chrome Version 57 then we would ask you temporarily to run AbtracOnLine using Internet Explorer or Firefox.

If you have not updated Google Chrome we would recommend you wait a few days before doing so.

AbtracOnLine is not the only site affected by these changes and we are working both in house and waiting for further updates from Google and our database partners to resolve these issues.

We will add updates to the status of this issue both in this post, and through notifications within AbtracOnLine.

We appreciate your understanding as we work with others to provide a prompt resolution.