AbtracOnLine: Going Live What happens next

You can get started with a live copy of AbtracOnLine almost immediately, depending on which of the three options below suits your business best…

  • It’s likely you’ve already been using a trial version – this AbtracOnLine trial can become your live version on request.
  • Alternately you can start afresh with a ‘clean’ version
  • Or you can choose to pre-load data from your legacy system into Abtrac.

(If you are looking to get started with AbtracOnLine after using Abtrac5 there’s a fourth option – we’ll bring all your Abtrac5 data across for you as part of your free upgrade. For more about upgrading to AbtracOnLine head over to this page first.)

Once you’ve confirmed how you want to proceed you can talk with the team about your specific licensing requirements and set up costs.

Throughout the process of going live our sales and support team will lead you through what’s required and when – from start to finish. For us ‘from start to finish’ includes ensuring that all the Abtrac users in your office feel confident they can enter and edit the data they require and run reports they need. You can read more about the Abtrac support team here.