Abtrac News

The Abtrac Support Team send regular newsletters answering some frequently asked support questions and give tips and tricks on how to get the most from Abtrac.

From 2014 our newsletters are now included in this site as regular knowledge base articles. To find contemporary tips and tricks just use the search option.

This change in how we archive our newsletters is to avoid duplicate content and ensure we keep the information on this site as up to date as possible. This page now contains only those Tips and Tricks emails sent prior to October 2013. The information in these emails was accurate at the time the email was sent. But Abtrac is evolving all the time, so we’d recommend checking the knowledgebase or calling the support team if you are unsure of any of the features detailed in links below.

04/09/2013 – Can you help us with our online support planning? We are looking for your ideas and feedback
07/08/2013 – How to manage your Write Offs and increase WIP recoveries
10/07/2013 – Generating Fee Proposal Letters with Abtrac and Microsoft Word
05/06/2013 – Tracking and Reimbursing Employee Disbursements
07/05/2013 – Billable vs Non Billable Jobs and Proposals
18/04/2013 – Managing Time off in Lieu
06/03/2013 – Important info for XP and Windows 8 users, and details on how to keep your data safe
07/02/2013 – Managing Annual Leave

07/11/2012 – Cloud Computing
18/10/2012 – Timesheet Administration Tips
19/09/2012 – Archive Projects
08/08/2012 – Monthly/Periodic Invoices
11/07/2012 – The Right Way to Write Off WIP
20/06/2012 – Work in Progress and WIP Reports

16/11/2011 – Project Tasks (and budgeting)
07/10/2011 – Project Management: Browse Jobs
07/09/2011 – Generate based on Invoice Templates
10/08/2011 – Technical Requirements
13/07/2011 – Invoice Line Styling
08/06/2011 – Default Timesheet Comments
19/04/2011 – Transfer Projects
17/03/2011 – Two timesheet tricks ; Toggle View and Timesheet Control Settings
23/02/2011 – Employee cost rates

08/12/2010 – Create Contact Lists and Mail Merge
10/11/2010 – Adding users to Abtrac
14/10/2010 – Search Contacts, Bulk Edit Timesheets, Unbilled Work Quick Summary
22/09/2010 – Credit Notes