Setting up Client Owners, Job Managers and Project Leaders

The names you use for the person responsible for a client and/or job(project) can be set up from the Administration menu.

Companies may have client owner/s and job owner/s who are responsible for a particular client or job.

These may or may not be the same person and depending on your company naming system, you might call them Directors, Team Leaders, Principals, Project Managers, etc.

The default names in Abtrac are Client Owner, Client Owner 2, Job Owner, Job Owner 2. Client Owner and Job Owner are used extensively in reporting to filter, group and sort data by who is responsible for the work.

Assigning people as Client and Job Owners

From Administration >> Employees >> Owners >> click on the ‘+’ (add) button and select from the drop down list of employees to add a new employee as an owner.

Administration >> Employees >> Owners

Set up the client owner and/or job owner status of the employee by ticking the relevant box/es.

Administration >> Employees >> Owners

Specifying Names for your Client and Job owners

The default owner names can be set up from Administration >> Settings >> System Settings >> under ‘For Display on Forms and Reports’

Administration >> Settings >> System Settings

According to the above naming convention in the system settings, the owners page will look like this.

Administration >> Employees >> Owners

In bigger companies, the roles may vary and there might be more than one client owner and/or job owner. For example, a second in charge for a job can be set up as the designated Job Owner 2.

Abtrac KB# 2167