Chart of Invoice Listing Report

The Chart of Invoice Listing Report gives two views of revenue earned.

A chart of the total amount invoiced per month, as well as a chart of cumulative amount invoiced. Both include a comparison to the previous calendar year/years.

These charts are useful as a visual representation of the performance of a company with regards to income earned, and to compare monthly and yearly performances.

The filter options allow you to view and compare revenue by office. You can also view performance by a selected client or job.

Chart of Invoice Listing report

Chart of Invoice Listing Report

Go to Reports >> Performance Reports >> Go to Reports >> Performance Reports >> go to ‘Invoicing’ section beneath ‘Sub-Consultants’ >> click on ‘Chart of Invoice Listing’ and select the required date range.

You can also optionally filter this report by Office, Client and Project(Job).

Chart Of Invoice Listing report filters

Now click on the ‘Report Options’ button and select one of the preview options. The ‘Choose Report Options’ box appears.

Choose Report Options box

Select the required option and click on the ‘Print Preview’ button in the box to preview ‘Chart of Invoice Listing Report’.

Understanding the data

The Chart of Invoice Listing report shows the following information –

  • ‘Invoices per month’ chart and
  • ‘Cumulative Invoices’ chart
Chart of Invoice Listing report

Both charts show the months on the x-axis and the invoice amounts on the y-axis.

This report takes into account all invoices between the selected date range, both committed and non-committed invoices.

If the selected date range is more than a year and up to two years, then two sets of invoice data are displayed, one for each calendar year, as shown in the example report above.

In a similar manner, many years’ worth of data can be visually compared by selecting the required date range.

The different years’ data are colour coded as shown in the screenshot, so that a visual comparison can be made easily.

The information for this report comes from the ‘Load Invoices’ page.

Go to Invoices >> Load Invoices >> the Amount Invoiced comes from the invoices between the selected dates (see article on selecting dates for Abtrac grids).

Invoices >> Load Invoices

Abtrac KB# 2144