How to Restrict Employees from Entering Time for a Task

In Abtrac, you can restrict non-admin users from entering time for specific tasks if your business needs to do so.

From Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> Search Clients and Jobs >> click on the relevant job code to go into the Job Details Page >> click on the Tasks tab to go into Job Tasks page.

For each task, you can click on the button indicated below to choose employees who can assign time for this task.

Job Tasks

The Unrestricted Employees box appears.

Select the employees who are allowed to assign time for this task and click save.

The selected employees can assign time for this specific task in their timesheets.

All non-admin employees except the selected ones are restricted from entering time for this task.

Unrestricted Employees

Only tasks assigned with at least one person will follow the rules of restriction.

All other tasks, that have never been assigned with any employee will be considered as ‘open tasks’ and are available for everyone to assign their time.

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Abtrac KB# 2161