Open Job

Open Job (or project, depending on your Abtrac naming convention) is simply, a tick box in the Job Details page which can be used to keep a job open or closed to some employees.

Job Details page

This feature can be used to keep relevant jobs open, that everyone in an organization should be able to access, regardless of user group restrictions.

More importantly, the Open Job tick box, when used in combination with user group and job people, can be used to restrict/limit employees’ timesheet views only to jobs that they are specifically assigned to.

This is used when you want some people entering their timesheets to only see selected jobs, like for example, if you want a subcontractor or part-timer to enter their own timesheets but you only want them to see the jobs they’re supposed to be working on.

Restricting employee timesheet views based on employee’s jobs

Step 1

From Administration >> Employees >> User Group Management, select the employee’s user group (in this example, the employee’s user group is ‘Timesheet only’).

Now, click on the ‘Manage Privileges’ button for this user group.

User Group Management page

The Manage User Privileges for Timesheet only box appears.

Here, in the ‘Timesheet’ section, tick the boxes under Limit to Employee’s Jobs column header. Save the changes.

Manage User Privileges box

For more information on user group management, login management and assigning an employee to a user group, click the links below –

Step 2

From Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> Search Clients and Jobs >> click on the relevant Job Code to go into Job Details page.

Now, click on the Job People tab in this page.

Click on the Add Employee button to add the employees working on the job.

Job People page

Step 3

Finally, click on the Job Details tab.

Make sure that the ‘Open Job’ tick box is left unticked.

Job Details page

It is important to note that whether the ‘Open Job’ box has a tick in it or not, it will only affect people where ‘Limit To Employee’s Jobs’ is ticked in user group management. Otherwise the ‘Open Job’ setting will have no effect.

The default for ‘Open Job’ tick box can be set up in Administration >> Settings >> System Settings >> Clients and Jobs tab.

Here, you can set the ‘Open Job’ box default as ticked if a majority of your organization’s jobs are open, or unticked if a majority of your jobs are restricted.

System settings >> Clients and Jobs

Abtrac KB# 2157