Invoice Reminders

Abtrac can manually send Invoice Reminder letters to customers when the invoices are overdue. Users can set up their reminder letters to suit their organization. This feature is available in the Debtor Management module of Abtrac.

Debtor Management >> Debtor Control

Abtrac Invoice reminders are handled in through the Debtor Control section in Debtor Management.

Go to Debtor Management >> Debtor Control

Debtor Control page

Users can select the overdue invoices using the select box provided in the grid. In the screenshot above, you can see that the selected invoice is a ‘committed’ one.

The Invoice Committed column can be enabled from Administration >> Settings >> User Control Settings

Select Debtors – Debtor Control from the dropdown list and give a value to the width for ‘Invoice Committed’.

User Control Settings >> Debtors – Debtor Control

Once the invoice/invoices has been selected, click on the Invoice Reminders button.

A pop up box asks to confirm if you have only selected committed invoices.

Invoice Reminders pop up box

Click on the ‘Yes’ button and the ‘Invoice Reminder’ box appears.

Invoice Reminder box

Here, you can choose to send individual reminders for each invoice, each job or group invoices for the one recipient into one reminder. Reminders are sent to specified invoice email/s.

Invoice Reminder box dropdown list

Select the required option from the dropdown list and tick the box if required.

Also, select the reminder to be sent, based on your email settings, from the dropdown list.

Invoice Reminder email templates can be set up in Administration >> Settings >> Email Settings

Invoice Reminder box

Now, click on the ‘Send Reminders’ button to go into the ‘Send Invoice Reminders’ page.

Send Invoice Reminders page

In the grid, you can see the Status as ‘Draft’.

You can also preview the attached invoice (if the ‘Attach Invoice’ box has been ticked previously in the Invoice Reminder box) by clicking on the preview button.

Send Invoice Reminders – steps
  • Click anywhere on the green colour in the selected invoice to view and/or edit the invoice reminder details
  • Now, click on the ‘Save Email Details’ button to save the details
  • Finally, click on the ‘Send Email Invoice Reminders’ button to send the reminder.
Send Invoice Reminders page

Once the email/s have been sent, the Status in the grid changes to ‘Email Sent’.

Overdue Invoice reminder email

The email appears as above in the inbox of the recipient as entered in the invoice management page (From Invoices >> Load Invoices >> click on the relevant invoice number to go into the ‘Invoice Management’ page).

Invoice Management page

Abtrac KB# 2154