Abtrac Roadmap from September 2021 onwards

The roadmap for Abtrac is here. We would like to say a big thank you to all our clients who have helped us formulate this plan with your good ideas and suggestions on improvements and new features you want to see in Abtrac.

Without dragging this out, here are our plans for the future development of the software.

Before 31 Dec 21

Faster Response Times across reports and all transaction screens.

3rd Party Timesheet Approval Sign Offs.

Write API to push Client and Project Details from your CRM or any other system.

More options around autogenerating invoices.

Dependencies between tasks.

Enhancements around work scheduling.

Mid Term

More graphical Project Management and Scheduling.

Log into Abtrac using your Xero and possibly other credentials.

Easier onboarding of new clients.

More dashboard widgets.

Integrated Proposal Acceptance.

More work around milestones.

Longer Term

Multi-Currency options on charge rates and invoicing.

Restrict certain employees from booking time to a task.

API to Reckon software.

API to Quickbooks.

Ideas with no ETA

Enhanced user experience with the Abtrac mobile interface.

Chat bots for support.

Reworking license management.

Synching Abtrac Work Schedule with Outlook and Gmail.

AI optimising report usage and page behaviour.

Scalability plan of Abtrac.

Do you have ideas for us

This is not the definitive list and as you know, we’re also releasing updates as Chrome, Edge and other browsers issue their updates. Similarly, we have to keep ahead of releases signaled in other packages such as MYOB and Xero.

We do appreciate your feedback and invite you to present any suggestions you may have. Who knows, it may be the next big thing!