Unbilled Work Quick Summary Report

As the name suggests, Unbilled Work Quick Summary Report will give you a summarised report that you can run against one or all jobs, to see quickly what is outstanding out of all your billable time.

It’s a static printable report of unbilled time as of a given date. For live WIP management we recommend using Manage WIP from the Invoicing screens.

Unbilled Work Quick Summary Report

The Unbilled Work Quick Summary Report can be accessed from the Invoicing section in the Reports page.

Go to Reports >> Performance Reports >> Invoicing >> Unbilled Work Quick Summary and select the required options on the right.

This report shows everything that has been unbilled for a job/s up to the date entered in the Date To field.

A Date From cannot be chosen because the purpose of this report is to show all unbilled time that has been added to a job up to a selected date and not to leave out any information regarding the unbilled time.

This report can also be filtered/grouped using the active filters given on the right – by Job Office, Client, Job, Client Owner, Job Owners and Job Type.

From the ‘Report Options’ button and you can select either ‘Preview with Export Options’ or ‘Preview and Print’ to preview the report.

The standard report can be previewed as below for ‘Preview and Print’ option.

Unbilled Work Quick Summary Report

The report gives a list of all Clients and Jobs with unbilled time and cost up to the selected date.

It also displays the last invoice date and invoice number if applicable, and shows the job description, agreed fee (from the project details, project billing or tasks screens).

Other Report Options

Choose Preview with Export options in the report options box to produce many different types of custom reports.

  • Tick the Show and sort by Job Status and then by Client Name box in the report options box to show in the report, jobs sorted by their status in alphabetical order and then by client name. The Job Status can be updated in the Job Details page as pictured below.
  • Tick the Show Invoice Comment box in the report options box to show in the report, the Billing Comment from Job Billing Details page (pictured below). These comments are for internal use only and are not visible to clients.
Unbilled Work Quick Summary report options
Unbilled Work Quick Summary Report with comments
Job Billing Details
  • Filter the report by Job Owner and tick the Include other current Jobs with no WIP? box to show the other current jobs with no WIP, for the selected Job Owner.
Filter report by Job Owner
Unbilled Work Quick summary report filtered by Job Owner

The Unbilled Work Quick Summary is a static report that can be run and printed out to have an overview of your unbilled time as part of your pre billing processes.

For dynamic or live management of Work in Progress at billing time we recommend using the same data in the responsive grid form at Invoices >> Manage WIP >> Unbilled Work Quick Summary.

Manage WIP >> Unbilled Work Quick Summary

Abtrac KB# 2142