Subconsultants Purchase Orders Report

The Subconsultant Purchase Orders report gives a list of purchase orders for all subconsultants.

Subconsultant Purchase Orders Report

Go to Reports >> Performance Reports >> in the Sub-Consultants section >> select ‘Subconsultants Purchase Orders’

The Subconsultant Purchase Orders report shows a list of all current subconsultant purchase orders, and displays the job (project) name and job code they are linked with.

You can optionally filter, or group the report by Job Owner (Project Owner). You can learn more about Job Owners here.

As the title implies, the Subconsultant Purchase Orders report also shows the corresponding purchase order details:

  • purchase order number
  • purchase order date
  • purchase order recipient name
  • total purchase order amount (excl and incl tax)
  • the value of any disbursements assigned to the purchase order and
  • the outstanding purchase order amount.
Subconsultant Purchase Orders Report

The purchase order information for this report comes from the information for each individual sub consultant.

Go to Time & Disbursements >> Subconsultants Purchase Orders to view the page where this information is drawn from.

You can find information on setting up and managing a sub-consultant in the article Managing Sub-consultants.

Also, check out the article on Creating a Purchase Order for a sub-consultant.

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Abtrac KB# 2131