Managing Project Numbers

Project Numbers in Abtrac can be as complex or as simple as your company requires.

Project Numbers are managed in two locations from the Administration Settings screens.

From Administration > Settings > Invoice Settings you can determine the next Project Number.

You’ll need to scroll down past the Invoice Setttings and Templates in order to maximise the ‘Client, Project, Proposal, Purchase Order Numbering’ Tab.

Project Numbers can also have a prefix, suffix, and separator.

These options and the name you use for a Project (Job, etc) are managed from Administration > Settings > System Settings.

You can specify the name you use for Projects throughout Abtrac from further down the Clients and Projects menu in system settings.

From Project Code Preferences you can choose the combination of Numbers, Prefix, Suffix or Alpha’s and Client Codes that you use to build your project numbers.

If your project codes are more complex you can also use the Customise Option to build the project code combination you require.

Abtrac KB# 2125