Adding a Percentage to Disbursements

One of the ways to apply a margin to disbursements in Abtrac is to apply the mark up percentage based on disbursement types.

Under Administration >> Maintenance >> Disbursement, you can add an ‘adjustment’ to a disbursement type.

For this mark up to take effect you also need to confirm Disbursement Margin rules from Administration >> Settings >> System Settings >> Timesheets & Disbursements.

When “Apply margin based on Disbursement Type” is selected, then when you enter a disbursement either through Office Disbursements or Employee Disbursements, the margin (adjustment) is applied to the disbursement ‘Amount Entered’ to adjust the charge rate.

In the example below we have a quantity of 5 x A0 Prints

The default unit Charge from Disbursement Types above is $6.00 (shown as Entered Amount)

The Charge rate is adjusted by 15% to give a new Charge rate of $6.90.

This then adjusts the Extension (Ext – being Quantity*Charge) to $34.50, from $30.00.

Abtrac KB# 2124