Adding a Percentage to Disbursements

One of the ways to apply a margin to disbursements in Abtrac is to apply the mark up percentage based on disbursement types.

Under Administration >> Maintenance >> Disbursement, you can add an ‘adjustment’ to a disbursement type.

For this mark up to take effect you also need to confirm Disbursement Margin rules from Administration >> Settings >> System Settings >> Timesheets & Disbursements.

When “Apply margin based on Disbursement Type” is selected, then when you enter a disbursement either through Office Disbursements or Employee Disbursements, the margin (adjustment) is applied to the disbursement ‘Amount Entered’ to adjust the charge rate.

In the example below we have a quantity of 5 x A0 Prints

The default unit Charge from Disbursement Types above is $6.00 (shown as Entered Amount)

The Charge rate is adjusted by 15% to give a new Charge rate of $6.90.

This then adjusts the Extension (Ext – being Quantity*Charge) to $34.50, from $30.00.

When “Apply margin based on Project Billing Details” is selected, the percentage value given in the Project Billing Details page is used for the calculation.

When “Apply margin based on both” is selected, the total of both percentage values is used for the calculation.

Abtrac KB# 2124