Invoice Payments with Abtrac PayBy

What is Abtrac PayBy?

Trying to get paid for the work you have delivered can be a headache. So that’s why we’ve teamed up with MYOB PayBy to offer a service that makes getting paid not only pain free, but faster. Giving your clients convenient and easy options to pay is great for business and great for your cash flow.

This is a smart payment solution for your clients and the bonus is that you don’t need to go through the effort of setting up your own company credit card facilities.

How does it work?

Abtrac has partnered with MYOB PayBy as a gateway provider to offer this service, accepting real time credit card payments. Abtrac PayBy provides the merchant facilities for all major banks and accepts all major credit cards.

All you need to do is arrange this facility with MYOB PayBy, and they will give you a unique Client ID which you insert into Abtrac.  You’ll send your invoices to your clients with a link attached to the email they receive and they can pay your invoice then and there with their credit card using this link.

Do I need to use a MYOB Accounting System for this to work?

No. Abtrac PayBy works independently to your accounting system so your only relationship with MYOB is to use this service.

How do I configure this in Abtrac?

Go to your Administration ⇒ Settings ⇒Invoice Settings. From here you can sign up to MYOB PayBy, by clicking the button in AbtracOnline to send your request to the MYOB PayBy team and they will give you all the details on how to get started.


Once you have your Client ID from MYOB then edit your Abtrac settings.

Go to your Administration ⇒ Settings ⇒Invoice Settings (see sample below)

  • Enter in your MYOB PayBy Client ID
  • Enter in your Invoice Email text or edit it to include the words [ONLINE PAY LINK] which is the link your clients can click to pay your invoice
  • Then you are ready to start email invoices to your clients where they can pay directly from your email


What does my client see?

Your client will see an email from you with your invoice attached.

Within this email, they can click on a link taking them to the following screens.

The header in the example below will show your own company details.


When your client clicks on the Pay Now button at the top of the screen they are presented with a form where they can enter their credit card details.


After entering their correct card information your client will receive confirmation as per the sample below.


Its as easy as that for your clients.
Abtrac KB# 2122