Recording Debtors’ Payments and Debtor Write-offs

This is applicable to users with the Debtor Management Module

The menu Debtor Management >> Invoices and Payments shows all outstanding invoices.

Clicking on the “Record Payments for this Invoice” opens a popup screen.

  1. The date defaults to today’s date.
  2. You can select the type of debtor transaction.
  3. And enter the amount including GST if applicable.
  4. The comment field lets you annotate the transaction.
  5. The Save button saves the record.  

The menu Debtor Management >> Debtor Reports offers various debtor reports including a Receipt Schedule.

This report shows all payments dated between the Date from and Date To.

It groups them by the Event options given above, of ‘Payments Received’, ‘Uneconomic Amounts Written off’, ‘Journal Adjustments’ and ‘Discount Given’.

Abtrac KB# 2119