Reason for Write offs and Write ons

The purpose of this functionality is to categorise the reasons for write offs and write ons, and therefore more easily report on them. The starting point is putting together a list of valid reasons.

Under the menu choice Administration >> Maintenance >> Write On Off Reasons you can enter and maintain a list of reasons. This is a pick list from which users can choose to explain the write off or write on reasons on any invoice.

This partial view of an invoice below has a fee value ‘Line Amount’ of $1,000 but it has had $1,950 worth of time in ‘Assigned Fees’ attached to it, thus incurring a significant write off of $950.00.

Clicking on the ‘Manage Write on/Off’ button a new screen opens (below) where the project manager or any other authorised person can explain the reason(s) for this write off.

Below we’ve added several reasons, one with a $500.00 value credited to it and two other reasons are simply narratives explaining what happened, but no values assigned.

Project managers will work through their projects assigning reasons for write offs and write ons prior to reporting.

The Comment above is optional. Note that the total of the dollar amount for the reasons ($500.00) does not have to balance to the total write on or write off on the invoice ($950.00).

Towards the bottom of the Reports list is the report ‘Write – On/Offs Between Dates with Reason’.

Choose filters and options as required, such as the dates or Job Owner (which may be called Project Manager or have some other title in your instance of Abtrac). When you click to view the report, there are further options in the pop-up window.

The report will look like this if the ‘Show Detail’ checkbox is ticked:

Or like this if the checkbox is not ticked.

Abtrac KB# 2120