Adding a Percentage Admin fee onto an Invoice

In Abtrac, a percentage admin fee can be added onto an invoice. This can be added by editing the Additional Fee in the Invoice Management screen.

Step 1

Set up a name for the additional charge under Administration >> Maintenance >> Disbursement.

Step 2

Under Administration >> Settings >> System Settings choose the Invoices Tab.

Step 3

From Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> Search Clients and Jobs >> click on the relevant job code to go into Job Details page >> click on the Job Billing Details tab >> add a percentage for the job and save.

From now on, the margin specified for this job will appear on your new invoices.

The margin is job based, not system-wide.

Job Billing Details page

Adding a percentage admin fee from the Invoice Management page

A margin can also be applied on each invoice from the invoice management screen.

From Invoices >> Load Invoices >> click on the relevant invoice number to go to the Invoice Management screen. Enter a margin value in the ‘Additional Fee’ field and click ‘save’. Click OK on the pop up that appears and click save again. Now the additional fee will be saved as a percentage.

The process will create an office disbursement entry with your specified Disbursement type (‘Admin Fee’ as per this example). It then creates two new invoice lines, one with a narration ‘Disbursement’ and the second line with the name of the disbursement type you have specified. The second line will be assigned with the newly created invoice line by computing the value equivalent to the % edited in the ‘Invoice Management’ screen.

If you delete this newly created line, please remember to delete the associated office disbursement the application has created for you. The Date link shown below will allow you to go directly into the Office Disbursement sheet and delete the disbursement.

To recreate the Additional disbursement line, you can simply edit the % value in the ‘Invoice Management’ screen.

Note that the % value is always calculated based on the total of the other invoice lines with a value assigned to it.

Abtrac KB# 2118