Cloning Timesheets

If you find that you work on the same clients and projects from one week to the next you can use a previous timesheet as a template and save some data entry time.

The clone feature will copy across the client, job, task, and activity but it will not copy the units or the comment.

Here’s how to clone all the clients, projects, and tasks from one week to the next.

In AbtracOnLine you can copy timesheets in the CrossTab view of your timesheet using the “Clone Timesheet” Button.


CrossTab Timesheet View

It’s simplest to create the new timesheet period first, then choose the Clone button. (You cannot clone an ‘open’ timesheet, which is why it’s best to start with a blank screen)


CrossTab Clone Button

Then select the timesheet date you are cloning from, then the day within any timesheet period that you want to clone it to. Tip: When copying timesheets people will often clone the data to a Sunday or another non-work day to keep track of which entries need to be edited/amended and which can be deleted at the completion of the timesheet.


Clone Timesheet Selection Popup

You’ll be prompted to confirm the timesheet copy before continuing, any data that duplicates that already within the timesheet period will not be copied.


Clone Timesheet Popup Confirm

Abtrac KB# 2112