A Message about Abtrac and Covid-19

We want to share with you how we are managing Covid-19 at Abtrac, and more importantly how we are responding to help you and your business.

All Abtrac staff are already self-isolating with their families in response to the nation-wide lockdown announced by the New Zealand Government on Monday March 23rd.

However, our entire team is minimally impacted, as is our ability to respond. Abtrac is already fully cloud based. So are our phones and other requisites. Whilst clearly it’s not usual, it is still business as usual for us at Abtrac as we all adjust to this new normal. The only change is that until further notice we cannot commit to any on-site visits. This will come as no surprise as you will all be working similarly yourselves.

But we can still communicate via Teamviewer or Zoom to achieve the same results with screen sharing, video and audio.


Through this pandemic and afterwards there is little doubt that businesses like yours will be in high demand, and at Abtrac we look forward to supporting you between now and then, and afterwards, come what may.

So please continue to contact us for support, sales queries and administrative matters to do with Abtrac.


Abtrac Online licensing is based on the number of current employees who can log into Abtrac or who are managed through it. Therefore if you need to change the number of your current employees, your licensing fees will change accordingly if you follow the prompts through each addition or subtraction. The changes will then be reflected in the following month’s invoice. Do contact us if you are not sure about this or need help.

Beyond that, if you wish to discuss any special licensing arrangements please also contact us and we will be pleased to discuss how we can accommodate your needs to keep you benefiting from Abtrac through these abnormal times.


We will shortly be starting a series of Master Classes focusing on various aspects of Abtrac. These will be available to all clients and potential clients on demand as they are each published. Look out for these innovations in your inbox, or sign up for them here if you aren’t sure whether we have your email address or not.

The purpose behind the Master Classes is to enable you to up-skill in areas of Abtrac where you feel it warranted, so you are best prepared to take advantage of the opportunities to your business when this pandemic is over.


Finally if you have any queries or concerns about how we are managing this disruption or how you may prepare Abtrac to launch into better times when it is over, please contact us.

We hope you stay safe and well, both in terms of your health and that of your loved ones, and in your business.



All of us at Abtrac

Abtrac KB# 2111