Assigning time from multiple jobs to one invoice

It is possible to assign multiple jobs/projects to an invoice where a client has multiple jobs/projects belonging to them.

You use this feature to write off time or to create a single invoice with multiple jobs.

  • Create a new invoice or load an invoice for a client that has multiple jobs/projects. Go to Invoices >> Load Invoices
  • One job will be selected to start with. This will be the ‘master job’ for the invoice.
  • You can select a subsequent job to assign to the invoice, using the combo box (shown below).
  • With that new job selected, create a new invoice line and assign any time to the new invoice line.
    • The line could be totally blank i.e. no narration and no amount assigned
    • Or the line can have amounts and narrations as per a standard invoice

Depending on what you choose to do above, it will mean you have either written off the time from that job to the client (by not assigning any amounts) or you now have an invoice with two jobs assigned.

Some things to note is that the first job will always be the ‘master job’ for that invoice and will be the only job that shows on some reports. Other reports will show an asterisk next to the job number to show there are multiple jobs.
Abtrac KB# 2107