Splitting Invoices

Sometimes a job/project needs to be split and invoiced to multiple parties with the invoices containing the same invoice line details.

Within Abtrac, you will create the first invoice with the total amount and then split that invoice and amount between multiple parties.

How this works

This feature works by taking the invoice line amounts and then splitting them based on the percentage setup in the Job/Project.

The original invoice will have the time assigned to it and the split invoice will just have the split invoice line amounts (no assigned time).

This will not update settings in the invoice lines themselves such as the rates, progress claim amounts etc.

Step 1: Setup the Job/Project

Load the Job/Project from Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> Search Clients and Jobs, and click on the ‘Job Billing Details’ tab.

Click the button shown below to add multiple addresses for the invoice.

Click the plus button to add your different recipients and set the relevant percentages.

Step 2: When invoicing

At invoicing time, first create one invoice for the total amount.

Then go to Invoices >> Load Invoices and click on the relevant invoice. In the screen that opens, click on the ‘Split Invoice’ button.

The single invoice will be split and multiple invoices are created based on however many recipients with the relevant percentages as you have set up in the ‘Job Billing Details’ screen.

You can then send these individual invoices to the relevant people the same way you would send a single invoice.
Abtrac KB# 2104