How to Archive data (make items non-current)

How does making items non-current help you

Simple, fewer pieces of information to load means you will have a faster system.

Screens such as the searches, timesheet entries, invoices, and some reports all load with the current data that is available in the system, so it’s pretty straightforward to think that making items non-current will give you a quicker response for all these pages.

How can you make data non-current

Click the links below to go to each section.

Jobs/Projects, Clients, Employees, Invoices, Maintenance/Other items

How can I make items current again

Simple, just reverse the processes below to bring the items back that have been made non-current.


Jobs/Projects can be done in bulk or one at a time.

To do one at a time, go to Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> Search Clients & Jobs.

Click on a Job Code to load the job and take the tick out of the ‘Current’ box and save it.

2020-09-18_job details untick current save

To do multiple jobs at once, go to Reports >> Performance Reports and select ‘All’.

Then select ‘Possible Jobs to make Non-current’. The ‘Date from’ selection shows jobs that haven’t had any timesheets or invoices since the selected date. Click ‘Print Preview’.

2020-09-18_reports possible jobs to make non-current print preview

All you need to do is to untick the current box and then save it to make the job non-current.

2020-09-18_possible jobs to make non-current


Once a client doesn’t have any active jobs you can also make them non-current.

Go to Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> Search Clients & Jobs.

Click on the ‘Contact Name’ to go to the client screen and make them non-current by unticking the ‘Current’ Box. Then click ‘Save Contact Details’.

2020-09-18_details for client untick current save


Once an employee has left your company, you will want to make them non-current for two reasons. The first is so that they cannot log in to AbtracOnline anymore and the second is so that your subscription fees can be reduced.

To make an employee non-current, go to Administration >> Employees >> Employee Details.

Click on the edit button for the employee and untick the ‘Is Current?’ box.

2020-09-18_employee details untick current save


When you go to ‘Load invoice’, there is a filter to show un-committed invoices or committed invoices. Committing an invoice is an indication that you are finished with the invoice and have sent it to the client, your accounting package, or both.

To commit an invoice, go to Invoices >> Load Invoices, then select the invoice(s) that you have finished with and commit it.

2020-09-18_load invoice select commit filter committed

Maintenance/Other Items

Almost all of the items in the maintenance section can be made non-current by editing the screen and taking the tick out of the current box.

Here is the list.

  • Activity
  • Department
  • Team
  • Disbursement
  • Job Status
  • Job Type
  • Job User Defined
  • Planned Time State
  • Diary Action
  • Person Role
  • Timesheet Line Default Comments
  • Work Source
  • Referred From
  • Client Type
  • Client Rating
  • Invoice Status
  • Write On-Off Reasons
  • Generic Report Standards

Abtrac KB# 2102