Search People/ Client Contact

Abtrac client contacts search screen is the first point of call to quickly look up details about any client, contact, or person.

Once logged in you can click the following link to see the page, or go to Clients, Contacts & Jobs then Search People.

Use this screen as your contact management, phone book, or even your mailing list.

You can search most fields related to a client person.

Search People Resonsive Screen

You can export the information in a CSV format easily for creating your own lists for things such as your Xmas card list or marketing email lists etc.

The page layout can be customised for the whole site by using the User Control Settings (click to read more about this feature) so that you can show, hide, and adjust widths. To adjust the user control settings once you are logged in click here to make any adjustments.


You can also make adjustments per user using the “Grid Layout” features by simply dragging, sliding and moving controls then saving your layout.

Abtrac KB# 2099