How to Write Off Time

Sometimes you have leftover time for a job/project that you just can’t invoice. The best way to clear that time is to write it off.

You can do this in two ways:

Write Off All Time

Write Off Partial Time

Write Off All Time

You can do this from the Invoices >> Manage WIP >> Unbilled Work Quick Summary

Here you can find the client or job/project that you want to write off the time for, then on the far right there are buttons where you can either ‘Assign all current WIP to last invoice’ by clicking the $ symbol, or ‘Create a new zero value write off invoice and assign current all WIP to it’ by clicking on the plus.

You may need to scroll the grid to the right to see these options.

Write Off Partial Time

To partially write off some of your time, you can assign your timesheet lines to an invoice line as you normally would, and then change the amount you assign to that invoice line as shown below, rather than leaving it as the default calculated amount.

From Invoices >> Load Invoices, click on the relevant invoice number.

Expand ‘Invoice Lines, Narratives and Amounts’. Under ‘Invoice Line Details’, click on the edit button for the relevant invoice line. ‘Create/Edit Invoice Line’ pop up appears.

You can see on the right how the full value of time assigned to this invoice line is $3950.00 but on the left, you are only charging $1750.00 for this invoice line.

Abtrac KB# 2097