Job/Project Documents

The Abtrac document manager is where Abtrac can keep a reference to the documents associated with any Job/Project and where these documents are stored on your local machine/server.

N.B. This feature works with files on a Windows machine where the machine knows the type of files it’s trying to open. i.e it cannot open files that the machine doesn’t have the specific software for.

The installation of this will allow you to easily manage and access these documents from within Abtrac and the Job/Project itself.

The following article will show you how to do two things

  1. How to setup the Abtrac Document Launcher
  2. How to use the Abtrac Document Launcher

How to setup the Abtrac Document Launcher

This application extension is designed for Google Chrome users on a Windows machine only.

  1. Install Google Chrome browser (if you haven’t already).
  2. Download the Abtrac Document Launcher setup file from the following link to your machine. Download
  3. Locate the new file, then unzip it and run the Setup.exe.Setup File Installation
  4. Click on the following link if Google Chrome is your default browser. If not then you will have to copy and paste this into Google Chrome.
  5. Click the ADD TO CHROME button.Add to Chrome
  6. Confirm the extension by clicking Add.Add the Extenstion
  7. You will see the Added to Google Chrome message.Confirm added
  8. Once the setup has finished, you can close Google Chrome then re-open it to start using the extension in AbtracOnline Job/Project Documents.


How to use the Abtrac Document Launcher

Default Job/Project Path in System Settings:

This field contains the folder location where all files relating to Jobs/Projects  should be saved to.


Job/Project File Path :

The Job/Project file path lets you select or enter a pathname to where all files, memos, documents and download are kept for this Job/Project.


Job/Project Document Register:

Allows you to track documents such as letters, agreements, plans, drawings, emails and other key documents associated with a Job/Project .



In the Job/Project Document screen, there are a number of fields you can use, details on each of the options are described below:

Doc ID: System generated a document number.

Document Name: Name of the document.

Document Date: The date could be the date the document was created or the date it was entered into Abtrac system.

Version: Document version number. Note this field is alphanumeric so you can enter letters if required.

Hard Copy Location: Hard copy location if the document exists in a filing cabinet, tube or box or other location.

Soft Copy Location: Most documents now are soft copies. You can enter into Abtrac the file path in the soft copy location. This is made easy by clicking on the plus sign to the right of the soft copy location field. This opens a Windows ‘Find File’ screen allowing you to browse to the relevant document to correctly attach its path into Abtrac.

Document Type: type of the document. This can be Email, PDF, Doc, Excel, Text etc..

Plan Type: type of the Plan. This can be Quote, Designs, Drawings etc…

Superseded By / Superseded: If a document is revised, amended or another document takes its place then an entry can be superseded by another. To superseded a document check the Superseded checkbox then a new record will be created based on the document you are superseding. You can enter a new version number and any further changes that have occurred.

Comment: Use the comment filed to record any further notes you may have about the document.

Abtrac Document Manager not working for you?

Note. If you are getting the following popup when trying to use the Abtrac Document Manager

Document Launcher not Found on System

Open your Control Panel and then uninstall the AbtracDocumentLauncherInstaller

Then remove the Google extension: Abtrac Chrome Document Manager and Follow the steps from Step 2 again

Remove Extension

Remove Extension 2