The benefits to our clients who move to AbtracOnline

Use it anywhere

AbtracOnline can be used anywhere you have an internet connection.

If you have people working on-site, in different offices, or working from home they can all access Abtrac without needing to connect to your local network via VPN.

Greater connectivity to Accounting packages, 12d and others

With API connections available from MYOB, Xero, 12d Synergy and others you can easily sync your information from Abtrac with these other packages.

Regular upgrades to the system

Since AbtracOnline is cloud-based this has made our development process much quicker so we can give you the latest upgrades without having to log in via your servers, waiting on IT support for access, and juggling with firewalls.

Windows or Mac

With AbtracOnline being accessible via the internet you are no longer bound to a Windows operating system.

No installation required

All you need is an internet browser and you can use Abtrac.

Customize the system for how you want to use it

There is more flexibility with how you can layout the screens to only show what you want. You can set greater security around user permissions restricting access to very specific requirements.

No infrastructure required

With AbtracOnline only needing an internet connection you no-longer need to have a dedicated server or machine to run Abtrac so if all of your other systems are moving to the cloud such as your Office365 or online storage, then now may be the time to move to AbtracOnline.


We’re just over halfway through 2019 and we have had multiple clients (still on our server/desktop version of Abtrac) with server issues. Some have lost information because their Abtrac system was not even being backed up.

Abtrac Online uses the Microsoft SQL Server Azure database. SQL Azure has built-in business continuity features including point-in-time recovery (around every 7 minutes) and geo-redundancy. Furthermore, we independently take an additional backup daily which is stored in another regional data centre, and we then finally have local and off-site backups at our office which we never overwrite so we can get data from the beginning of AbtracOnline existence if we want.

For more information on security, check out our web site.

See it in action

Learn More

If you want to learn more about the upgrade process you can follow this link or feel free to email us at or give us a call toll-free 
Abtrac KB# 2094