Managing changes to your subscription

From September 1st 2017 we are changing the way we manage adjustments to your Abtrac subscription.

We are moving to a more automated licensing system, leaving you in control of your licensed employees and your monthly licence fees.

When you make a change to your employees (or add-on modules) you will now be asked to confirm this change – and acknowledge any resultant change to your subscription fees. Read on for more details on what is involved in the new system, and how it may affect your current AbtracOnLine subscription.

What does this mean for my Abtrac subscription?

Your fees and how we charge for Abtrac remains the same

  • Your monthly fees and how Abtrac is invoiced remains the same.
  • We still licence based on the total number of current employees and any add-on modules.
  • We will still send you an invoice on the first of the month and make deductions based on this invoice on the twentieth of the month.

How will this affect my subscription payments and access to Abtrac?

  • If you are paying by Credit Card or Direct Debit :

Your subscription will not be affected.

And – you won’t need to phone or email us anymore to confirm increases or reductions to your subscription. This will happen automatically at the time a change is made, and your next invoice and payment will reflect this.

  • If you are paying by Bank Transfer :

The system will only enable current employees (and add-on modules) for as long as you are paying for them.

You will need to ensure you keep your licence payments up to date with your current invoices. If your payments are in arrears, you may find that access to the system is restricted for some employees until your payments are updated.

If you are not already signed up to pay your Abtrac licence fees by credit card (or direct debit-NZ only), then give us a call and we will help you set it up.

What has changed in AbtracOnLine?

How you add or remove employees or modules has changed.

  • When you need to make a change to your employees (or add-on modules) you will first be redirected to the Adjust Abtrac Subscriptions pop up.
    • If you add a new employee: Go to Administration >> Employees >> Employee Details >> click on the add button to add a new employee >> the below pop up appears. Click OK and it will take you to the ‘Adjust Abtrac Subscription/Licences’ pop up.

    • If you reduce the number of employees

    • If you modify (add or remove) the optional debtor module or accounting interface

  • You’ll be asked to confirm the change to your licence numbers, and acknowledge any resultant change to your subscription fees.
  • Once you have submitted the change to our licensing system, you can proceed to adding new employees (or enabling add-on modules)

Unless you contact us and an agreement is made, we will charge each month’s fee based on the maximum number of employees and the maximum number of add-on modules. So, for example if you are both adding and reducing the number of employees throughout the month, remove the employee who is leaving first, before adding the new employee.

We’ve also updated the Subscriptions Details page.

  • You can now view a more detailed breakdown of your current subscription, including your total current employees and fee details from the Your Subscription details page. Go to the bottom right of any Abtrac screen and click on the link ‘Your Subscription Details’ to view the page. You can also ‘Add/Remove Licences’ and ‘View Current Employees’ from links in this page.

Any Abtrac Employee with permission to access the Administration menu will be able to see both the ‘Adjust Abtrac Subscription/Licences’ pop up and the ‘Your Subscription details’ screen.

Updates to Terms and Conditions

As part of this change, we have also updated our Terms and Conditions of use.

We have expanded and clarified in the current terms, how we invoice and process subscription payments. Particularly if it has been a while, we recommend you have another look through the details of how we licence and charge for AbtracOnLine here.

Abtrac KB# 2089