Using Home page widgets

From Friday Aug 25th, 2017 there will be an update to Abtrac involving a noticeable change to the home page.

Your current home page will change from this

To this

We have introduced a small number of dashboard items as “widgets” which you can control for each user group in your office. This is in response to several requests for more dashboard-like features.

Read on for a discussion of each of the new Home page widgets, and details on how to control them from Administration > Employees > User groups and Privileges.

A summary of the Home page Widgets

There are four new widgets, and two that you’ve seen before.

Widget 1: Date and Time

Contains the date and the calendar combined into one widget.

Widget 2: How to Videos
Widget contains our How To Videos as before.

Widget 3: My Timesheets And Schedule

Shows the last 4 timesheet period ending dates and the total hours in each. Clicking on the date takes you straight to the relevant timesheet.

It also shows your scheduled items looking up to 4 weeks ahead with the total hours scheduled for each week. As above, clicking on the date takes you to the relevant period.

Widget 4: Chargeable vs Non-Chargeable Current Timesheet Period

This widget shows the total chargeable, total non-chargeable and time yet to be entered i.e. if the timesheet is incomplete. The ‘Incomplete’ value uses the Units per Timesheet in the Employee maintenance page, minus time already entered for the period.

Widget 5: Chargeable vs Non-Chargeable Five Latest Timesheet Periods

Shows the same values as above based on five timesheet periods, being the current and four earlier timesheets.

Widget 5: Hours Worked Five Latest Timesheet Periods

As you can see, this is a chart showing the total hours per timesheets period, split into chargeable and non-chargeable time.

Managing the Widgets at the Administrative Level

Anyone with full ‘Admin’ privileges will see the widgets as of right, in the same way as they can go anywhere and do anything else within Abtrac. (However the default setting is only Widget 1 and 2 showing.)

Lower level user groups can be granted access the widgets according to the settings, set by an administrator.

The menu path is Administration >> Employees >> User Groups and Privileges. There is a new column with buttons enabling you to control the widgets visible for each user group.

Each widget is presented to the administrator and the decision is made with a tick to allow users in that group to see that widget.

On the Home page the widgets can be shown by clicking on the relevant button.

The widgets can be moved around the home page, interchanged or closed by clicking on the X at the top right of each widget. The Dashboard Layout tick will save your widget positions, and the Dashboard Layout undo button will reset the positioning.

Abtrac KB# 2088