Abtrac Notifications

From time to time we send important information regarding Abtrac to all users via internal notifications.

2020-09-03_bell and redWhen there is a new notification you will see a red alert next to your login name, which will remain until the message has been read (or the message has expired).

This is also where you will be alerted to any unsent mail or email issues when sending invoices via email from Abtrac.

To read and remove notifications from Abtrac :

  1. Click on the notification icon at the top of any page

2020-09-03_notification bell with red

2. Any unread notifications will be listed, each with links to details or actions required. Click on the notification description to read details to remove the notification from the list. You can also click on the ‘clear’ button to remove the notification.

The notifications can also be viewed from the Abtrac Message Board that appears in the Home page above the widgets.


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3. In the case of a new version notification, or a technical/performance related status report – the notification will just need to be read.

4. If the notification relates to email deliveries you will be redirected to the email notifications page and you’ll need to acknowledge the message by clicking the green tick button on the left.

Abtrac KB# 2084