Invoice Terms: Attachment Documents

Throughout Australasia it is a requirement where the work is part of a construction claim to include a reference to  the claim or to the specific payment terms of your invoices.

In NZ the legislation includes the Construction Contracts act, and in Australia there are the various Security of payments acts which govern progress claims.

You can upload a default document from the Administration pages  within Abtrac to ensure these payment claim terms attach to every invoice sent from AbtracOnLine.

From Administration > Settings > Invoice Settings >  you can upload a default invoice attachment from the  ‘Invoice, Account Rendered, Purchase Order, and Receipt Templates’ section.


This upload file can optionally be appended to all pdf invoices created or sent from AbtracOnLine.

To set a default invoice attachment, first browse to find the file and then choose upload.


Once uploaded check the “Append invoice attachment document to emailed and pdf invoices” box to include the file in all pdf’s created from Abtrac.


The invoice attachment option is used to include a supplementary document that applies to ALL invoices, clients and contracts. Where you need to attach information specific to a certain client, job or invoice we recommend you attach the document(s) manually, rather than through the administration module.

Abtrac KB# 2081