Configuring the Accounts Interface to MYOB Essentials

AbtracOnLine links to MYOB Essentials directly via the MYOB API.myob_certifiedaddon_rgb

You can set up the link between Abtrac and MYOB in less than 10 minutes following the instructions below, or if you call the support team we’d be happy to help you get underway.

Read this article for an overview on how the accounts link works

before you start to configure your accounts link with MYOB Essentials.

Once you are ready to set up the integration: From Administration > Settings > Invoice Settings > choose Accounting Interface Settings.

Create or Edit Accounts Interface

Create or Edit Accounts Interface

Then choose the option for MYOB Essentials.


To configure your integration you’ll need to set some more specific preferences for MYOB Essentials.


My Business Credentials

Your Business Number and location will need to be specified to link to your company accounts.


This business number and your MYOB account login are used to create the link between AbtracOnLine and your accounts.


Business Number

You will have been given your business number as part of your “Welcome to Essentials” email on signing up to MYOB. Otherwise you can also find your unique 6 digit business number is from your browser address bar when logged in to Essentials

e.g. https://essentials.myob………#businesses/123456/home


Likewise the location of your MYOB datafile can be confirmed from the address bar when logged in – typically either Australia or New Zealand ( or

MYOB Interface Preferences


Delivery Status

Choose the delivery status of invoices uploaded: Unpaid and Sent, or Unpaid and not Sent

Adding Clients

You can choose to add clients entered in Abtrac to MYOB at the same time as invoices are uploaded.

Clients can be matched using:

  • Abtrac Client Name to MYOB Customer Name
  • Abtrac Name on Invoice to MYOB Customer Name

*When choosing either name option you will need to be aware that any minor misspellings/spelling changes on client names (or names on invoices) could result in duplicate records in MYOB.

Tax Codes


You can enter as many tax codes and associated tax rates as required, however only two codes will apply to invoices by default (those for revenue and those for tax free revenue).

*The names of Tax Codes specified in Essentials is most easily found from Your Business > Accounts List > then choosing Add Accounts in order to view the complete list of Tax Codes as well as Tax types. Note you can’t delete tax types or create new ones in Essentials. 


Any additional tax codes entered can be selected for individual invoices, or individual invoice lines from the tax code drop down. In some instances you may need to change the tax settings for individual invoices from edit invoice details first.



Account Codes & Invoice Settings

For the accounts upload to function you must link an invoice setting with an accounts interface setting. An invoice setting may only be linked to one accounting interface setting.

2078_Manage Account Codes.png

You can enter as many accounts codes as required, however only one code will apply to invoices by default.

Any additional accounts codes entered can be selected for individual invoices, or individual invoice lines from the GL Account Code drop down. You can apply GL Account Codes to all invoice lines by choosing from edit invoice details, or on a line by line basis as required.

2078_Change GL Codes.png


Once your accounts integration is set up this article on using the Abtrac-Accounts link is also a useful read.

Notes on the MYOB Essentials integration

  • MYOB Essentials has a character limit on some text fields. Where the characters in your Abtrac invoices are greater than those available in MYOB the integration will truncate the data imported to fit.
  • It’s possible to choose to add clients to MYOB using the invoice import, any minor misspellings/spelling changes on client names could result in duplicate records in MYOB.
  • MYOB Essentials does not allow negative value invoices to be uploaded. So any Credit Notes/Adjustment Notes from Abtrac you will need to enter into Essentials manually.
  • As MYOB Essentials doesn’t manage or report on Jobs(Projects) you cannot import project information relating to your invoices.

Abtrac KB# 2078