Abtrac Integrations and your other Software choices

We do find in the new year and in the months up to the new financial year that people start making changes to their software. And there’s a lot of hype from the market…

At the moment your accountants and advisors are likely attending the summer Roadshows from the big accounting applications : both MYOB and Xero are currently showcasing their latest features throughout Australasia, and promoting add-ons and partners to their core business. (We’ve been touring again with MYOB this year, for updates on all the activities from the marketing team you can check us out on Twitter.)

Reckon and QuickBooks typically launch their new features around May/June. And this year KPMG, PWC and Deloittes have announced that they’re actively seeking to advise small businesses across Asia/Pacific with the help of cloud accounting platforms.

As we say, there’s a lot of hype. And there’s some big commissions involved so be wary of your trusted advisor’s recommendations because they may be thinking of their pecuniary advantage rather than your business advantage. For more info on this please contact us.

So just quietly (and without too much hype) –  if you’ve received advice about changing or updating the software in your office then think of us.

Both Abtrac 5 and AbtracOnLine work and integrate with all of the applications in this article and others here (and we don’t take a commission).

But if you are making a change to any of the applications listed here and you currently link with Abtrac then give  the suport team a call before you make the switch to ensure your integration remains seamless. We will do our best to reinstant your software links with Abtrac asap if a change is made, but it’s always easier if we know in advance.