Email Accounts Rendered

In the Debtor Management module for Abtrac5 you can bulk email accounts rendered by client. Follow the steps below to send batches of outstanding accounts using Microsoft Outlook :

  1. Set the Group Account Rendered to ‘Client’.
  2. Set the Print Option to ‘Email’.
  3. Click on the Account Rendered link.
Abtrac 5 -Email Account Rendered Settings

Abtrac 5 -Email Account Rendered Settings

An ‘E-mail Account Rendered’ popup will then appear.  You can then select the desired recipient(s) from the list and then click ‘Send E-mail’ to send.

Abtrac 5 - Email Account Rendered Recipients

Abtrac 5 – Email Account Rendered Recipients

  • These invoices are emailed to the address specified in the Clients’ Invoice Defaults page.
  • Choose to view all Clients with Accounts Rendered for the period or only those with Email Addresses.
  • Like many screens in Abtrac5 you can select multiple Clients by holding down the Ctrl key whilst selecting records, or choose Select All.
  • PDF copies of the invoices will automatically be generated and saved within the local Abtrac folder on your computer.
  • The subject and message body can be edited withing the Email Account Rendered screen
  • Emails are sent using your local version of MS Outlook. As such this function relies upon the compatibility between Abtrac5 (Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access) and your version of Microsoft Outlook.

Abtrac KB# 2052