Invoices, Payments and Payment Receipts

With the optional Abtrac5 Debtor Management module invoice payments and outstanding accounts can be managed independently from your accounting software.

You can record invoice payments, account for write-offs and adjustments, print payment receipts, and report on your debtors from this add-on module.

Abtrac5This article is for Abtrac5 follow this link for the AbtracOnLine version

From Debtor Management choose Invoices and Payments.

Invoices and Payments – Abtrac5

Invoices and Payments – Abtrac5

The Invoices and Payments screen has a number of filter options.

Invoices and Payments filtering– Abtrac5

Invoices and Payments filtering– Abtrac5

By default only outstanding invoices are displayed.

You can view all invoices, for all clients and all projects or search for a specific record in any of these three categories.

Double Click on an invoice number to preview the invoice.

You can also filter by office and choose to show either Client Name or Project description.

The print option will display the invoiced and outstanding amounts for the current selection.

Invoices and Payments Report – Abtrac5

Invoices and Payments Report – Abtrac5

Recording Payments

To record an invoice payment click the button on the corresponding invoice row to select the record, then choose Record Invoice Payment.

Record Invoice Payment – Abtrac5

Record Invoice Payment – Abtrac5

From the payments pop up there are four payment events to choose from: Payments Received, Journal Adjustments, Discounts Given and Uneconomic events written off. These four options are then used in debtor reporting which we’ll cover in a later article.

You can enter as many payments or payment events as required, and can also entered detailed comments with each payment event.

Once the payment(s) equal the invoice amount the invoice will automatically be marked as Paid in Full with the latest/most recent payment event date.

This date can be reset or changed back in the record payments screen and is used as the date for payments in debtor reporting.

Amend Payment Date - Abtrac5

Amend Payment Date – Abtrac5

Payment Receipts

There is an option in Abtrac Debtors to send payment receipts. If you choose to Prompt for Payment Receipts then each time a payment is recorded you’ll receive a notification asking if you wish to process a receipt.

Payment Receipts - Abtrac5

Payment Receipts – Abtrac5

Receipt numbers are incremental, but you can also enter one-off numbers for each receipt e.g. credit card approval numbers. The Receipt comment is unique to each transaction.

Payment Receipt Details - Abtrac5

Payment Receipt Details – Abtrac5

Payment Receipt Form - Abtrac5

Payment Receipt Form – Abtrac5

If you are interested in using this option then you will need to request modifications to the receipts form in order to match it to your invoice and statement layouts.

Abtrac KB# 2046